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Rice kheer(चावल की खीर)
Milk peda(दूध पेड़ा)
Red chutney(लहसुन चटनी)
Arbi ki sabji(अरबी की सब्जी)
Fruit custard(फ्रूट कस्टर्ड)
Pav bhaji(पाव भाजी)
Mango Icecream(मैंगो आइस क्रीम)
Aloo parantha(आलू परांठा)
Pine apple shake(पाइनएप्पल शेक)

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Food is an Essential element of our lives since we gain energy from the kind of food we intake. Everyone cant cook tasty food irrespective of the amount of knowledge skill is equally crucial. This goes without saying “cooking is an art “and we Manju’s Kitchen are the most perfect choice when it comes to availing best *Healthy and Exotic* Rajasthani’s cuisine recipes. Mrs. Manju Choudhary is from Paliyas, Rajasthan. She is a professional chef who launched her YouTube Channel in the uear 2021 named Manju’s kitchen.

With abundant energy, talent and confidence, Manju ji became the source of inspiration for many women who has talent but hesitate to come forward especially in Rajasthan. She has broken the social taboo about Women are mend to manage only household chorus. She firmly believes females are equally capable of men to pursue their dreams. Manju ji dreams to popularize Rajasthani Cuisine in every corner of the world with the help of digital mediums.

“There is no force More Powerful than a determined woman willing to rise”

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people say about me

Guys I tried this uff mind blowing, definitely I am going to try other dishes, once you try this I am sure you addicted this channel

testimonial image1

Grace Acting Academy

जोरदार ma'am , एकदम आसान तरीके से इतना टेस्टी 🎂 केक 😋😋 मेरे भाई के bdy पर हम ऐसा ही बनाएंगे ....thanks Manju's kitchen

testimonial image2

Manisha Choudhary

The one thing that attracted me the most is the most neat and clean presentation throughout the video...and loved your recipe

testimonial image3

Nisha Verma

"Someday, I'd love to see a restaurant themed with your ideas and recipes, man. Like how cool would it be to be actually able to taste this goodness instead of just drooling over their recorded version?😋 Keep up the good work and stay in touch!"

testimonial image4

Zaika Kitchen Support

Thank you mam for showing this recipe👍's mouthwatering👌👌..I never tried it thinking it's difficulty level..but after watching your's the easiest one😊..will do it for sure

testimonial image5

Kamlesh Dinesh

I'm from Rajasthan and this recipe is very very close to how we make in our homes.

testimonial image6

Anwala Antroli

Thank you so much for the wonderful recipe and the way youexpalined turned out to be awesome indian aunthentic dessert

testimonial image7

Samita Jat

I just now had made these laddos after watching ur recipe n it was amazing.Thank u for sharing such easy n quick recipes ma'am

testimonial image8

Niti Patel

बहुत ही शानदार ढंग से समझाती हो तो आपका बहुत बहुत धन्यवाद

testimonial image9

Shriya Saran

The way you cook is just commendable . This is the best one till now .I tried rasmalai by your video and it was so tasty just like the market one

testimonial image0


Dal baati ka naam sunkar lagta hai ki it will be so difficult to make. But after watching ur video I think so even me the person who has just started cooking can also cook this so easily. Thanks a lot mam for sharing this recipe and of course ur way of explaining helped me a lot. Tons of love

testimonials image1

Sharad Khanna

So much to learn from you. One of my favorite youtube channel. Thank you for all your recipes. Very helpful for new ones

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Prachijan Mehta

Amazing recipe and very well explained...thanks for sharing itttt..please upload more recipes like this

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Muskan Vishnoi

All your recipes are perfect. I was looking for some sweet recipes and you uploaded this. thank you so much

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Thank you so much Manju ma'am...for teaching so perfectly step by more thing i wanna say that is your speciality is to explain in detail. Thank you so much


Sakshi Anu

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